“My first book, Teetering: Why so Many Live on a Financial Tightrope and What to Do About It,” would never have been published without Joanne Cleaver’s invaluable support and coaching. She encouraged me to let readers connect with the people behind the numbers and charts. She helped me articulate their stories of hardship, sacrifice and resilience that make the book a compelling read. Joanne was a great partner and pushed me to raise the bar far beyond what I originally intended.” – Ken Reese, author (Radius, 2021)

The Career LatticeGot a great idea for a book but not sure how to get it out of your head and onto the page? I love to work with executives and experts on long-form content projects, from white papers to books. In 2011 and 2012, for The Career Lattice, I collaborated closely with the Council for Adult & Experiential Learning. Blending their research with my own company’s projects, and with additional research, I translated our common perspective on emerging career paths to a book that’s informative and inspiring for those at all career stages.

I’ve worked with a variety of experts and executive on first-person and ghosted pieces – so much so that I authored an article about how to capture a client’s voice for ghostwritten pieces. Published by PRNewswire, here it is: Helping Experts Find Their Voices PRNews

Meanwhile, about The Career Lattice:  it explains how lateral career paths keep individuals employed and companies growing through both ‘over’ and ‘up’ career moves.  The Career Lattice is the essential guide to strategic lateral moves, showing through narratives and case studies how individuals and employers grow and thrive in a slow-growth economy. Use a  career lattice diagram to map your own career lattice and read case studies at The Career Lattice.

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Find & Keep CustomersPublished in August 1999 was my book on small business marketing techniques and tips, Find and Keep Customers for Your Small Business. I wrote it from the get-go from print and web; it’s gradually being integrated into the “Business Toolkit” portion of CCH, Inc. the firm that published the print version.

Work At Home Options, my book for moms considering ways that they might pursue home-based careers, was published in 1994 by David C. Cook.

Family travel topics leaven my daily diet of business writing. I particularly like writing about cross-cultural experiences, historic destinations and road trips.

Doing Childrens MuseumsIn 1988, my book Doing Children’s Museums – A Guide to Hands-On Museums (Williamson Publishing) was the first to introduce parents and teachers to the learning Philosophies of childrens’ museums. I also listed lots of practical tips for visiting kids’ museums and provided thumbnail profiles of 225 museums in the U.S. and Canada.

Twain Plains & AutomobilesSomewhere Over The Dan Ryan

Somewhere Over the Dan Ryan (a daytrip guide for Chicago area families) and Twain, Trains and Automobiles (historic itineraries in the Midwest) were published in 1990 & 1994, respectively, and 1995, both by Chicago Review Press.