Career Lattice

The Career LatticeLattices are the fastest, most reliable way to grow your career and for companies to grow the talent they need to achieve tomorrow’s goals. I offer training and consulting that equip individuals and employers to apply lattice strategies.  And, please join The Career Lattice on Facebook to swap lattice strategies with others who are achieving their goals through this powerful, flexible, career strategy that helps you achieve your career goals – through a staff position or self-employment.

Lateral career paths keep individuals employed and companies growing. The Career Lattice is the essential guide to strategic lateral moves, showing through narratives and case studies how individuals and employers grow and thrive in a slow-growth economy. See career lattice diagrams and read case studies at The Career Lattice.

The Career Lattice has good news for economic development officials, too! Lateral moves help bridge the skills gap, ensuring that people have jobs and that jobs have people.

Whether you are in your first job, juggling work and family, segueing to retirement, managing a team, developing talent, or running a big organization, you’ll find insights and useful information in The Career Lattice.