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This package of stories that ran in November 2022 explored a major missed opportunity for financial advisory and investing employers. Financial advice is the midlife job that women want – but that don’t know exists ; Midcareer women benefit from the rise of the returnship ;   Find women where they are to win midlife talent 

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Bus Driver on the Lookout Rescues Trafficking Victim  August 26, 2019

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Tips for crafting and making the most of smart appliances  Arthritis Today December 2018

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Chicago Tribune, March 8, 2022 Investors are growing force in the residential real estate market, but how should sellers evaluate these offers?

Chicago Tribune, February 23, 2022 Today’s homesellers have to figure out how to handle amenities they added for the pandemic. It’s harder than it sounds.

Chicago Tribune, December 23, 2021 With contractors and repairmen in short supply, many homeowners are turning to do-it-yourself videos, with mixed results

Chicago Tribune, November 26, 2021, Despite an erratic supply of building materials and labor, home renovations are booming

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Chicago Tribune, August 13, 2021 About to close on the sale of your home? Be aware that cybercriminals are lurking

Chicago Tribune, June 9, 2021, The pandemic has pushed more gatherings outdoors, boosting demand for backyard shade structures

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Chicago Tribune, March 27, 2019  No, You Don’t Need 20%: How Chicago Millennials are Buying Homes with Down Payment Assistance Programs

Chicago Tribune, February 13, 2019  Home Equity Could Pay for that New Kitchen, So Why Are Americans Slow to Borrow?

Chicago Tribune, January 7, 2019, Algorithm vs Appraiser: Estimating a home’s value is complicated

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Chicago Tribune, November 13, 2018, Between snazzy apps and incomplete MLS listings, what homebuyers see isn’t always what they get

Chicago Tribune, July 9, 2018  Could blockchain technology transform homebuying in Cook County — and beyond_ – Chicago Tribune.compressed

Chicago Tribune 2-6-18 Here’s how to negotiate when buying a home.  

Or download the story: Chicago Tribune 2-7-18 Here’s how to negotiate when buying a home. (Spoiler alert: It’s not like on HGTV.) – Chicago Tribune

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Venues want vaccinations. Audiences want privacy. July 5, 2021

New apps gauge worker moods, March 2021

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Apps spreading holiday cheer also send data to advertisers, December, 2020

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The Weakest Link – Where Blockchains are Vulnerable – July 6, 2018

First Edition – Publica’s First Initial Coin Offering for Books Launches June 6, May 25, 2018, or download the story here: First Edition- Book ICO May 25, 2018

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